Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of a style - Jonathan Swift


As early as my grammar school days, translating was a favourite pastime. When I read English at Groningen University, where I was also a co-founder of the magazine Escape for students of English, the translation exams were usually my first to get through. So obviously, this was and is where my talents lie.

After my studies I spent 34 years teaching English in secondary education, where I also witnessed the decline of the translating tradition. For want of anything better to do I did some translating during that period, either for third parties or for my own pleasure. I translated poems by Emily Dickinson, for example, and prose by Robertson Davies. After my early retirement in 2005, however, I decided to take up translating professionally by starting my own one-man translation agency.

It was my highly esteemed colleague and unforgettable friend George Hall who encouraged me to direct my translating efforts to the field of art in the broadest sense. I work mainly for museums, art societies, art galleries, individual artists and publishers of art books, but my clientele also includes architectural offices and schools, e.g., art colleges. My clients are predominantly government, semi-government and other non-profit institutions, although there are commercial businesses among them.

George Hall, who passed away in 2015, an amiable, erudite and witty person and the most inspiring coach I could have wanted, taught me how essential accuracy and speed are. I am in a position to serve my clients in a personal manner and to offer client-related solutions. I will be pleased to send you an offer free of engagement on the basis of your information.